Is that Fonzi I see on skis?!?

Tonight (thank you sweet cherub baby Jesus for providing us DVR capabilities) (I think) I finally finished up this Season (6) of Dexter.
John Lithgow’s performance on the show just cannot be followed; Dexter peaked at Season Four with “The Trinity Killer” and not a damn thing has been right since then. Losing your show’s head writer will sometimes do that to you.

I struggled through watching Julia Stiles character Lumen Pierce (Season Five) on screen. I felt like Tori Amos was going to bust into Cornflake girl at any moment, so help me. Every episode felt like molasses, no surprises, no emotional ties to characters, it gave me nothing. But I watched, just like I slugged on over to the couch during every episode that aired with Jimmy Smits because with every uphill climb, there has got to be a downward slide. So, I entered into Season Six thinking, please. Please, pick up the pieces and give me something to really get behind before I leave you in the kill room with your cellophane wrapped corpse and more bizarre with every episode hair.


Dex has so far tackled: a bad childhood nightmare, unholy big brother type, oh no you are gonna get caught!, weirdo daddy issues, coming to terms with attachment to others, infidelity, killing an innocent, shaking off a groupie, wedding, family, fake family, becoming a groupie, rape, revenge, sympathy… what could ever be left? Religion.

Le Sigh. Here is the round up. Delivered, via Haiku.

Episode 1:
High school reunion.
Went better than expected.
Bloody freak crime scene.

Episode 2:
Marry me? Deb flips.
Promoted. Quinn on bender.
Oh look, it’s Mos Def.

Episode 3:
Don’t care. Distracted.
Edward James Olmos, help us.
Wait for you to screen.

Episode 4:
All I do is wait.
(Four Horsemen. Apocalypse.)
Wait for more to die.

Episode 5:
Oh my, a journal.
Who knew black guy would not last.
Whore of Babylon.

Episode 6:
Last wish, Brother Sam.
Mexican laughs. Gets choked out.
What is plot again?

Episode 7:
Oh, yes, TRINITY!
Where is John Lithgow again?
Nevermind. Fooled you.

Episode 8:
Back in Miami.
Got to find those God killers.
After hooker case.

Episode 9:
Therapy missing.
There weren’t enough characters.
Lost one. Gellar dead.

Episode 10:
Team Travis adds two.
Panic attack, what.

Episode 11:
There was a call girl?
Homeland Security, huh?
All wrapped up, one hour.

Episode 12:
No one asks of boat.
Sacrifice fail. Love confess.
Deb sees Dexter kill.

Final Thoughts:
Assistant Louis.
Obvious killer. Shrug. Sigh.
Already jumped shark.