Simon Rex has finally stepped out from beneath the shadows of former MTV Rock & Jock legends Bill Bellamy and Dan Cortez to carve his own niche in the entertainment industry ( I know you’ve all been waiting for that, btw). The former gay porn star turned VJ turned thespian, is now a myspace superstar/rapper who goes by the name Dirt Nasty. If you’re into tits, talking about your dick, listening to people talk about their dicks, Halo/Xbox live, and sexy chola love, Dirt Nasty will get heavy rotation in your iPod.

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On the track “1980,” Dirt displays his wordplay skills: “I shine like Morrison on Hennessey, on Christmas Eve/ Nah more like Morris Day on hella yay, dressing gay.”

On the playboy vampire opus, “Lady Killer,” Dirt paints the picture of his night stalker persona:”Black sparrow, black eye shadow, black leather boots on my black motorcycle/ Ouji board, tatted on my back says ‘blow me baby’ in Babylonian text.”

Hip Hop is not dead; it just moved to Hollywood and got nerdy.

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