The bar is low…

I am not going to post a bunch of cool pumpkins for you all to ooh and aah over.  Mostly because that post gets done to death every year by every unimaginative site out there (update – except when we did it because we did it before it was cool).  So instead I am going to wait until I get done doing my pumpkins and post them on here.  And I invite you to do the same.

Hell, I will even give a prize for whichever one is the best, or worst.  Or the one that gates the most votes.  Something, anyway.  Oh, and if you have been watching Food Network and think you can do things all fancy and printed things out from the Internet then I STRONGLY urge you to send in pics of the massive cuts you inflict upon yourself.  You won’t win anything but they will help me finish my montage I am making for an unrelated project.

Oh, and in case you thought I didn’t really have a pumpkin, check this out.  Look at the horror of the hose I didn’t put away yet.  Look how dangerous that walkway looks.  And yes, this was before I figured out to stake the gravestones down.  Terrible.  Just terrible.

You guys are going to have to work hard to make your pumpkins and/or yard look this bad.  I’m looking forward to it.