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Should Donald Trump Use Reality Television To Select the Vice President?

Should Donald Trump Use Reality Television To Select the Vice President?

Is using reality TV a crazy idea to select the Vice President?

Uh, certainly not when Donald Trump is the one running for President. In this clip from Episode 12 of the Podcast, we talk about what reality TV shows would be best for Trump to use in the selection of his Vice President. The idea is great, and, no, simply using the Celebrity Apprentice format would not work.

Other Episodes of the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast are available at the bottom of this post.

This week, we have an excellent lineup of topics for you on the Allegedly On The Issues Podcast. We also have a special interview this week with Indivar Dutta-Gupta. Indi is Director of the Project on Deep Poverty and Senior Fellow at the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality. Doug had an opportunity to speak to Indi about the possibility of using subsidized job programs to help with our current issues of Mass Incarceration.

The full interview with Indi is also available in the player at the bottom of this post.
Topics Covered

– Hillary Clinton’s emails. Back in the news, or, always in the news? More importantly, do they matter?
– Paul Ryan gave up on his anti-Trump sentiment after only a week…is he more of a coward than Mitt Romney?
– The GOP scored a victory in Federal Court on Obamacare…but, does it even matter?
– George Zimmerman is auction his gun used in the Trayvon Martin shooting and some folks got really sad when a gentleman by the name of “Racist McShootface” trolled the auction.
– Donald Trump blasted Jeff Bezos for using The Washington Post as a tax loophole for Amazon. Does he have a point or is Trump infringing on First Amendment rights?

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    Dam you all! When did you stop talking about Bigfoot? Now I’m going to have to actually pay attention to the podcast.

    • Cider

      Goddamn it, that’s a different podcast, you monster.

  2. Acadia Einstein

    They don’t even have the same name!


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