The world's most powerful redneck.

George W. Bush cancelled a recent trip to Switzerland after Swiss human rights groups threatened to arrest him for war crimes. Switzerland’s negative stance on waterboarding, which Bush admitted to ordering, led to the threats when he was scheduled to speak in Switzerland at a Jewish charity event.

My reactions are as follow:

  1. As a Jew, I can safely say we don’t want your ten gallon-hat wearing, word-slurring, squinting ass speaking on our behalf. Like… seriously. Thanks, but no thanks. I understand it was for charity- if you want to contribute, keep sending checks and stay far, far away from events. That would be true charity.
  2. That was all it took? Are you telling me, if enough Americans got off their couches, turned off Maury, and teamed up to threaten Bush while he was in a foreign country, he would have never fucking left? Out of fear? It wasn’t daddy, Skulls and Bones, or the New World Order preventing him from facing consequences for his actions- it was a lack of threats? Fuck that shit. Who has a time machine?
  3. Isn’t Switzerland supposed to be, you know, Switzerland? They’re notoriously neutral on everything. That’s their thing. I guess there’s an exception to every rule. Well played, Switzerland. Well played.


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