This happened to me once when I got some bad shrimp at Outback.

Tonight’s episode was marked by teams making some really dumb choices.  If you have no rhythm, why choose the drumming detour?  The detectives confuse me sometimes with their choices.  They seemed surprised to learn the “Pounding the Drums” option involved music.  And they are both such loud mouths outgoing guys, the ice cream would seem a much more suitable task. They later tried to steal Team Bean’s cab by lying to the driver, “They said to tell you to leave their backpacks here,” and, when that didn’t work, told the driver Team Bean would be really mean to him.  The next step was to bribe some random woman to let them have her cab.

The cowboys are still my favorite team this season.  They went from last place in a non-elimination leg to first place in the next leg where they had to do the Speed Bump as well.  This has never been accomplished before in the history of TAR.  Plus, they say shit like “Good gravy,” all the time and that’s hilarious to me. They looked like they had a great time on the MegaZipLine and snagged third place.  When admitting they got held up in the detour, one of them said, “The closest thing to a musical instrument we play is the radio.”  They come off as the good part of the phrase, “good ol’ boys.”

Heights don’t bother me a bit so I know I would have been all over the Fast Forward.  One of the gay bros was terrified of heights but just powered through it and they got to jump ahead to the Pit Stop.  I admire him more now than I did for that.

The moronic pageant girl and her equally duh-faced boyfriend U-Turned Team Bean and Team Bean was pissed.    I’m shocked that Duh Face counted all the way to 521.  They came in second place, though.

“Ice cream sandwich…there’s no swine flu.”  That’s the interesting sales pitch Team Bean came up with.  What the fucking fuck is that?  One of them was digging around in the trash during the ice cream task and I don’t know what for but I’m pretty sicked out.  Hacking off a half gallon of ice cream and wrapping a slice of sandwich bread around it sounds pretty nasty to me, too.

Team Bean was eliminated and handled it badly.  Most eliminated teams get teary and sad and gush over getting to share an amazing experience with his/her team mate.  Team Bean chose another route and came off as bitter cunts, complaining about Pageant Girl and Duh Face for U-Turning them.  The only other team I can recall who came off as badly was the degenerate piece of shit asshole who hit his wife on camera.  What a lovely echelon to have joined, Team Bean.  Congrats on that.