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Easter reminded me that I went to Jerusalem – LOOK AT MY TRIP!

My favorite Easter Gif

My favorite Easter Gif

So you might remember that not too long ago I went to Israel.  So I thought it might be nice to show you some pics of the trip.  I am going to embed the imgur gallery I made so hopefully the captions come through.  If not, I will tell you the same thing I said there:

I don’t need a bunch of christian zealots or smug atheists yapping about any of this. I am a Jesuit trained agnostic and have no interest in your religious views so just appreciate the history of the place.

So take a look.  It’s kind of neat.  Then tomorrow, on actual Easter, we will have bikinis.  Because that’s what Easter is really about.

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  1. StayFray

    First of all the gif almost made me fall out of my chair, well done. Secondly, not sure on mobile, but the brown place on the wall looks like an anus. Wall anus..

    • Acadia Einstein

      Yeah – that’s the holy anus of…Fistopholes….

  2. spockirk

    I want to plan a black-ops mission just to take that ladder. But I can’t because the Israeli military is better at defence than I am at black-ops missions.

    • StayFray

      Krav Maga

  3. Angela Mia

    OUTSTANDING. Can’t wait to get to a PC so I can view these pictures full screen. Living vicariously through Acadia. I will not likely ever get to Jerusalem because I am chicken shit. Also broke.

  4. Eva Halloween

    That imgur gallery embed is nice. We need more functions we can just steal from other sites!

  5. jennmartinelli

    These photos are really cool, thanks for sharing! Ha re: not getting into Jesus’s tomb. You also have to book an appointment months in advance to few The Last Supper painting in Italy. So there’s that. (I didn’t book months in advance so did not get to see it when I was there in 2009.) People love their Jesus!

    Additional fun fact: the toilets in the Vatican do not have seats. They are just the porcelain bowl. Yes, in the ladies room.

  6. jennmartinelli

    Um, also that was supposed to say “to view” The Last Supper. Not to “few” it. I’m not sure what “fewing” something would entail.


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