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Ebony Jenkins – 2:09

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?  You don’t listen to that critic at 2:09 in this video.  But don’t jump ahead.  No.  Do not jump ahead.  Ebony Jenkins may just be a kid, but every superstar was at some point in their life.  Ebony Jenkins has the kind of attitude that makes stars.  And also makes people embarrass themselves cause they actually honestly believe they don’t suck.

It’s to soon to tell for Ebony, but I’m sure we’ll all be watching.  And even if you don’t care about singing, you can find out an interesting historical fact regarding why there has never been an atheist pirate.

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  1. Talen

    Hallelujah and praise the lord…Now that Ebony has decided to share her talents with the world we can all believe in the good word and everlasting joy within God. I believe Ebony was put her for a reason as well…she is going to make people think and think hard about their choices in music, especially bad 80’s and 90’s music, and perhaps help people to appreciate things they take for granted like ear plugs, ear muffs, self mutilation, hefalumps, howling dogs and deaf people.

    I for one feel redeemed and we can only hope that Acadia has beaten these demons of his and grows to appreciate good music like Vange does.

  2. Talen

    …on second thought, Ebony might be a good addition to the jungle room where she can live out her days in peace and sing her little heart out.

  3. Acadia

    Talen, you should encourage Vange to write more music themed articles. Then you can have as much fun sounding smart in the comments of her articles as you do sounding dumb in mine.

    I found a hefalump on my hefatesticle. At first I thought I was gonna get Lance Armstronged, but then I realized it was lint.

  4. vange

    She’s gonna live until she dies. Kid might only be 13 but she’s got a grasp on shit.


    looks better from behind!


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