Hey! Come back here with my peanuts!

So after reading about the dude who got killed by a meteorite yesterday, inhabitants of the village of Ektiasal must have been running their mouths about how nothing like that would ever happen to them.  People in Indian REALLY need to learn about jinxing themselves because all they got for their trouble was an elephant coming to knock down their town.

They fired tranquiliser shots at the jumbo, the effects of which were yet to begin, the forest personnel said. Meanwhile, it went beserk and turned its wrath on the houses damaging walls and pillars

Seriously, India.  Slow down. I can’t be writing about you every day.  And please nobody say anything like: meh, what’s the worst that could happen.  Because, according to the video below, ELEPHANT ATTACK is not out of the question.  And I have to say that I think I am rooting for the elephant.  It’s like that old video game Rampage except there was no elephant in that game because it would not have been realistic.  Also the buildings in that village were not very tall.  And the road in the game is paved so… yeah no.


needs more elephant!