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I really thought there was a lot more to Elisabetta Gregoraci than there is, news wise.  She looks like someone who would have dated George Clooney, right?  But nope.  All she ever did was be hot, offer sexual favors to someone to get on a TV show and then end up getting on a TV show thanks to former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

So, I am thinking that if this girl felt compelled to do some sexy stuff for a job then Italy must have some super hot TV hosts.  I mean, think about it.  I could see it if someone who was not super hot wanted a job that called for a super hot person.  They might think that they need some sort of extra edge.  But her?  Makes no sense.

Unless Italian guys in Italy are like Italian guys in NY.  They all drive IROC’s and wear bull horn chains.  And maybe instead of her saying: “Hey-a Mario!  Hows aboutta you let me playa they Princess withoutta having to play with your plunger!”  But Mario said no and after she did it Mario told Luigi and Luigi got jealous and called the cops but because it’s Italy the Pope said it was the girl’s fault.

Case closed!  Now look at all these pics of this beauty and think about how you would have given her a job standing on your cheek with high heels just to get to hang around with her.  Dumb Italy.

Elisabetta Gregoraci Pictures

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