Emma Roberts (who I love and if you say anything bad about her I will punch your stupid face) did a classy photo shoot for Aerie where black and white makes her look less pale and their clothes make her look like she has boobs.  And as you will see from the gallery below, she is all carefree and happy and playful in the pics.

Now, I have been guilty in the past of saying that models don’t really have to do anything, but I hereby take that back.  Because yesterday was picture day at work.  🙁

My work is pretty fancy some times and yesterday we had real photographers with a big special umbrella and an actual camera and took pictures of everyone.  So since I work in a place where it is basically a million women and me, I assumed (and said) that I thought they were shooting a calendar and it had nothing to do with me.  But then they told me it was my turn….They put makeup on me, they made me sit there, then stand there, then sit there again.  It was terrible.

And I sucked at it, too.  At one point they made me look at a stuffed monkey because apparently they thought I was dumber than a model and could not just look at a spot off to the left unless it had a humanoid in it.  And THEN apparently I sucked at that because they made the make up lady stand in for the monkey.  🙁

Then I panicked and I guess now in my world panic means start talking about Charlotte McKinney.  During that part of the ordeal these things were said:

  • Photographer: How can you say she’s hotter than Kate Upton?
  • Me:  How can you not know who she is?  Are you a real photogrpaher?
  • Photographer:  *shows me the Carl’s Jr. Pic (below) which is admittedly not the best* she looks sort of…special.
  • Me:  Well, she is actually FROM Florida.
  • Photographer:  “Say no more.  That actually explains a lot.”
  • Tatted Make Up Lady:  She’s hot.
  • Me:  Book her for a shoot or something.  Is that how it works?  I assume so since your camera is so fancy.
  • Photographer: You are winning me over to this whole thing.

This pic is huge – click to enhugen it.

So, to sum up, I am dumber than every model because the only thing I could do on photographer command was “look annoyed!”  Emma Roberts is awesome and I am one step closer to getting Charlotte McKinney to be the official Gallery model.  The photographer guy will totally do the shooting part.  He loves me.  We spent the rest of the time talking about Gandalf.  Sometimes I love my job.  Now get ogling Emma!

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