57849229She was plunged headfirst into celebrity when she was nine years old, snagging the most coveted role in the freaking world.  So far, she seems to have handled it well, the fame and money and all that crap.  She dresses appropriately for her age and has never had pictures taken of her flashing her hoo-hah while exiting a car.  That’s pretty much my criteria for surviving a Hollywood childhood.  Ron Howard-type survivors are as rare in Hollywood as un-enhanced tits.

She’s made more money than she could ever need–MC Hammer would be hard pressed to make a go of it–but claims she doesn’t intend to live a life of leisure.  She has plans to go to college and continue working as an actress.  I’m wondering if she can pull a Mark Hamill and only do things that amuse her.  That’s absolutely what I would do.