Welcome to Friday – and since I can’t go see The Dark Knight tonight, I have decided to try to drag the Entrecard Community out into the open air of the rest of the Internet.  Now, I will start out by saying that I am a card carrying (hee) member of the community, and I have reaped the benefit of some new friends, new visitors, and carpal tunnel.  That said – I am now going to say what I want, cause I need to kill some time before Carnival Friday really starts.  I am also going to put random links in each of my points to stuff I like so that people who don’t have websites have a reason to read this.

  • If you rely on EC for all of your traffic, or you have a site that is ABOUT EC, then you need to die.  Well, maybe die is harsh.  But if you can’t even get your aunt or someone to look at your site, you must suck.  If you are just starting out it’s one thing, but if you only get traffic from EC, then your website must not be very good. (click here to have a chick moan your IP)
  • Stop saying blog, blogger, blogging, blogosphere and anything else with blog in it.  Say website.  Blog makes you sound like some emo dope.  Also, LOGS should always be dusty books with the last entry saying something like: “Jan 18 – Shiverston’s corpse…still preserved by cold…and strangely attractive.  The bells?  Father?  My God…”
  • If you are going to fight with people on EC – do it on your own site.  Like this (holy shit).
  • If you are an Internet Marketing Wizard, and we are both on Entrecard, what exactly are you going to teach me?  Are you going to charge me money for tips (which I would respect) or are you going to try to get me to sign up for ad programs that you will get credit for, thus making you not an INTERNET marketer, but rather a MARKETER TO DUMMY WEBSITE OWNERS.  Which is fine, but whatever.  Look at this scary ass house! (it has an annoying voice ad, though).
  • Stop treating Entrecard like it is the World Bank.  If you do it the way it is designed, then you might get some new visitors and if your site does not suck, they might come back.

Entrecard is like a trade show.  Everyone there is selling something.  That’s what annoys me the most.  So I am going to ask you, the readers, EC’ers as well, to tell me what your favorite EC site is.  Link it in the comments.  Vote for yourself.  I don’t give a shit.  Whoever gets the most votes will get a big fancy post about them here.  So how about it?  What’s the site you would read if you DIDN’T own a website, EC folks?  And the rest of you – click this link below and see if there is anything you like – then come back and tell us.


So let’s go.  I want to know what site you like to READ – not what one you like to drop on.  Nerds.

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