Eva Halloween is a friend of mine on Google Plus.  She also has a site called The Year of Halloween that is not only devoted to my own (and the Gallery’s) favorite ever holiday BUT she also has a nice way of describing movie trailers.  Her vocabulary seems pretty advanced (last night she used the word “lush” in a sentence and didn’t mean a drunk!) and her movie trailer intros seem pretty fancy.

As a result, she gets the curse honor of being considered in the inner-sanctum of Gallery allies.  I am sure she is going to be a big help in our war against The Chive.  Look how she made herself look like a ghost in the sign pic.  Maybe she IS a ghost!  No, wait, she can’t be.  I IM with her and when you IM a ghost Theyyyyy tyyyype liiiiike thiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiis.  Pretty annoying, really.  It’s why I stopped IMing with Teddy Roosevelt.

Anyway – everyone say hi to Eva.  Then go see her site.  But then come right back here.  And don’t be gone long.  Not that I’m clingy or anything.  *plays with your hair* “You’re so pretty.  I want to get you Arby’s.”