Hey, do you remember that time I posted about how CB2 was selling a bike “lock” that was made of nothing more than cloth

Well, I hate to say it because I own a bunch of really cool stuff from this company (it’s a sub-brand of Crate & Barrel), including this really awesome fold-up desk

But they are now selling sticks. Actual sticks, like sticks you could find in your backyard, or on any camping trip I’ve been on in my entire life. The sticks have no finish applied to them, are not arranged artfully or, I don’t know, glued to a lamp or anything. They are just sticks.



As upsetting as it is that this company is literally selling tree branches for $6.95 each (not per bundle of three, don’t be tricked – that is per stick – $7 per stick), I do have to admit that I got immense joy out of some of the reviews. You really need to read them all, because I alternatively can’t believe people are this excited about branches, and I am relieved that some people are obviously mocking it. My favorite is John’s:


Finally, I have to tell you that when I saw this all I could think of was that old Ren and Stimpy “toy”, Log. Remember?