So someone asked me: “How come Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn is one of the 31 Scariest Movies of all Time?”  And I punched that person* in the gut cause they should already know. Imagine the coolest guy you could think of.  Maybe the grown up baby of Michael Jordan and Johnny Depp and…G.I. Joe was in a cabin where all his friends got killed by demons and then he had to spend the whole night: killing his demon girlfriend, driving to disappeared bridges, fighting his own hand that he had to chop off, getting sucked into a vortex and ending up fulfilling a prophecy to protect a whole army from the Deadites.  Well, I guess I should say he would have done all those things if his name was Ash.

But it wasn’t Ash.  It was the weird Depp/Jordon/G.I. Joe guy and he got killed in 15 seconds like a little bitch.  Not like Ash.  Oh no.  Ash could kill any of the monsters in ANY of these movies.  Trailer after the jump.  And yeah.  It’s scary.