Facebook lets you add gifs to comments in their posts now, which is what the rest of the internet had mutually agreed was the proper way to respond to things a long time ago.  But since these are Facebook people who only know how to use gifs in messenger, I think giving out a starter pack might be a good idea.  So here we go!

Thirsty? Post this in some thread where a person is complaining that they can’t get a date. Folks love a challenge.

Generally overwhelmed?

Fair point!

When you’re a monster but you are trying to be reasonable.

When you’re a monster and your attempts to be reasonable have failed.

When you posted something risky and are waiting for a reply. Probably to the “i dont deserve to be loved” one.

Not gonna lie – this one is pretty advanced. You either need to use it once or use it all the time for everyone who needs to shut up.

Swerve. I am sure there are way better swerve gif but i could not find any in front of a camper.

When you said something really unpopular in the thread and have been getting roasted.

When you type out a really long rebuttal but then realize they other person wont read it, replace it with this.

It’s Facebook so this and others like it will be super hot for a while.

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