I wake up like the man in this video every morning. This is also how we have breakfast. I would be in serious trouble if I didn’t at least prove that a bag contains something dogs do not like to eat. She also had to be restrained when the Ambulance took me away last March. Ordinarily I wouldn’t share any kind of viral video but I’ve lived this one. Most of this one I should say. I do have organ donation checked on my licence but I came back much to Charlotte’s relief.

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” – George Eliot

This PSA for Argentina’s liver transplant foundation is heading for three million views since the ad agency shared it on Youtube. At the end the dog senses something familiar about the woman being escorted out in the wheelchair and greets her.

The video draws on real life. Greyfriars Bobby spent fourteen years guarding the grave of John Gray. There’s a whole list: Canelo, Capitán,  Faithful Kostya, Dżok, Hachikō. Heidi, a little Jack Russell Terrier, made her way down a 500-foot cliff to get to her boy after he fell to his death in Scotland in 2001. In February Sissy, a missing ten year old miniature schnauzer, was caught by security cameras at Mercy Medical Center where her companion was recovering from cancer surgery.

I’m all for organ donation but I’m also all for the other message in this video and stories. Make sure your friends are taken care of so they’re not sitting outside a hospital or in a train station. Make a Pet Trust  or add a codicil in your will. Charlotte has a place to go. She can be faithfully sad in Vermont or Texas even if it won’t be a heart tugging story. 

Sangfroid's unabashed use of punctuation and grammar has made him a literary standout on the internet. A rising star in the urban/romance/horror/science fiction/Nancy Drew fiction market, Sangfroid is the talk of the local McDonald's. His dog actually ate the first page of his magnum opus "That Foggy Night" and compared it to other great works like the weekly circular for its absorbent qualities.

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  1. Cider
    June 14, 2015 at 9:01 pm

    I just inexplicably watched this twice and cried just as much the second time. I am glad you have made arrangements and you’re right, everyone should for their pets. Smart. Also I was forced to watch Hachi which is the Richard Gere movie about Hachiko and I was bawling my eyes out about 10 minutes in and all the way through to the end. Don’t ever do that to yourself.

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