As we roll into Thanks giving we are besieged with the “Fall Finales” of most popular shows.  The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham and presumably some shows I don’t like will be giving us cliffhangers that we can wonder about over the holidays and then eagerly get back into when winter is in full swing.

I used to hate it and applaud Sons of Anarchy for breaking the mold.  Sutter doesn’t do repeats.  He also doesn’t care how long the episodes are and if he can’t think of anything for the characters to say he just does an 11 minute musical montage.  Last week’s, featuring lot’s of doin’ it, made the PTC mad which thrills me to no end.  Sutter is burning the episodes up and gives zero f***s if it is even good anymore.  But SOA is a very different show.  Gotham and Walking Dead and Sleepy Hollow don’t have naked pictures of their respective networks like Sutter apparently does of FX so they need to create some excitement.

November is still sweeps month, I think because why not.  It isn’t like the network bosses know who is watching everything all the time always because nobody can shut up about things on Twitter or anything else *raises hand* so I don’t know why they bother with sweeps.  I actually have another theory for why they do it that way.  Going into the holidays when it gets cold and the DVR becomes a challenge instead of a benefit, the networks know those half time finales will pay off.

You know what I mean.  You decide you are going to watch a show so you start Tivoing it, but you don’t get to it and you got a season pass and it is building up and now it’s a thing.  Too many episodes to delete.  Too many to chip away at.  Now you have to wait for it to snow or some other made up excuse to stay in and watch a bunch at a time.  And since you probably did the same thing with three or four shows you will emerge from your disgusting slothful revelry all caught up and ready to see what happens next.

The other benefit of this TV Hoarding strategy is that if the show gets cancelled you can delete it without wasting your time.  Eff you, 86% full!  And now some pics from the shows for no reason.  Well, I guess because I like them.  Out of the ones I listed, which do you prefer?

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