Do you have nerdy friends? Have you at least been tempted to cosplay? Have you been to a con? Do you have fanfic hidden on your hard drive? Do you know what OTP, RPG, and MMO mean? Lastly are you a woman? If you answered yes then once you’re done giving me your phone number just admit you’re a Fangirl. If you’re not too busy flooding John Green’s Facebook and Twitter about the casting choices for Looking for Alaska head down to Barnes and Noble this Friday for their fangirl celebration.


Fangirl Friday is July 24th  Call your local Barnes & Noble for details but there will the amazing VINYL VIXEN METALLIC WONDER WOMAN available for free while supplies last. .

Other epic loot will include

  • Women of Marvel poster
  • Women of Marvel comic sampler
  • The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxybook button
  • Fangirl pin
  • Drivesampler
  • Trailer Park FAEposter
  • Michele Phan Cosplay postcard
  • Black Widow Forever Redchapter sampler
  • Max Ride Comic sampler
  • Max Ride Yen Manga sampler

Geekery and feminism are a great match and you’re welcome even if you’re a Belieber