Dude. I know many of you couldn’t get fully on board with this last season but I actually thought it has a lot of things going for it. The opening episode of this season was pretty intense. It was in fact better than the season finale of The Walking Dead. Take note, showrunners. People actually like it when things happen.

whole cast

God, Travis, are you never not annoying? Why are you breaking character in this photo? You look like you’re out for a fun boating adventure while everyone else actually looks a bit upset about running from zombies. And why is Strand missing? He’s kind of a big deal.

kind of a big deal

Like, he’s even a bigger deal than Ron Burgundy. He got Nick out of the detention center. He took them all to his ritzy house. He geared them up with tons of stuff, and he brought them on his boat. He should probably be in the cast photo, AMC. GD it. I guess he’s just another black guy for the series to kill off FFS.

So it started off with a bang, half the group is on the beach in front of a flaming background with zombies wandering down onto the beach to eat them while the other half is loading stuff onto Strand’s boat, Abigail.

travis maddie beach

It jumps right into this from where it ended last season, I am guessing the time that has passed is less than a day, it’s just the evening of the same day where we left this group back in the fall. We knew the military was about to destroy their neighborhood but they seem to be destroying the entire city, as it is all aflame and any zombie that’s not destroyed is wandering down onto the beach.

Everyone gets to the boat safely thanks to Nick being some kind of inexplicable boating wizard and coming back to get Travis, Maddie, Chris and dead Liza.

- Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 01 - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Everyone stays up all night, including Strand, who is acting as captain. Apparently Chris spends the whole time staring at his dead mom’s body which has Travis and Maddie concerned.

I don’t remember the order in which the following things happen but notable items are:

  • Daniel fishes with Chris
  • They have a “funeral” for Liza


  • Daniel tells Travis he wishes he could have showed his wife the mercy Travis showed Liza
  • They pass a boat of people that Strand doesn’t let them stop to help
  • Chris punches Travis in the face for shooting his mom
  • Alicia starts talking to a stranger on the radio

Daniel catches an eel for dinner, Chris freaks out at Liza’s funeral, Maddie tells him to calm his d#@$, and Alicia leads them into a trap. Because of course she does. Or so it seems. We don’t get to find out until the next episode.

nick and alicia

She’s been chatting with a guy most of the episode and at first she doesn’t give up any info about her location but the longer she talks the more information she gives him until she says a lot about where they are and then tries to get Strand to let them go pick up this guy, who allegedly is on a crappy fishing boat that’s sinking (of course he’s not, Alicia). Strand reminds everyone like 10 times that it’s his boat and he makes the rules and they’re not helping anybody. Alicia tells her radio friend they can’t come help him and he creepily says “That’s OK, Alicia, I’ve got you.” Ummmmm… what?

Because Chris is a brat, he has inexplicably jumped into the ocean fully clothed “for a swim” and Nick jumps in after him. About 8 seconds later they run into a bunch of floating zombies in the water, because of course, and they see a destroyed boat. Nick thinks he hears someone in the boat (overturned, full of bullet holes) so he abandons the life raft Travis just came with and swims over the the dead floating zombie boat trap to “help” – what he finds inside is, of course, a zombie who tries to eat  his face. Travis gets him out, they bring with them some kind of log from the boat which I don’t understand the importance of.


As everyone is getting back to the Abigail, Strand says a boat is heading straight at them and blames Alicia for bringing unwanted company, and everyone finally gets it that the other boat didn’t just randomly capsize because again, it’s full of bullet holes. Then they start to look stressed out, finally.

ofelia alicia boat

So we wrap up the episode learning they don’t seem to be particularly safe out on the water. Their original plan is to head to San Diego, because that’s what Strand wants to do, but guys, you need to head straight out into the ocean. There is clearly too much human being population still around you right now. You’re either going to run into people being jerks, or people you’re going to be jerks to.


Strand reads as a massive jerk but he’s basically like a season 5 Rick Grimes. He already knows what’s happening, the rest of the people seem to be slow to catch on.

I like that Maddie still continues to be pretty strong. When she goes to talk to Chris about his mom dying she basically tells him it sucks and he’ll never get over it but he better stop being mad at his dad because if he didn’t do it, she would have, she’s not letting anyone she loves become a walker. So in about 2 sentences she tells him to buck up and also tells him she loved his mom, which he probably needed to hear.

It also seems like Travis finally is getting his head on straight about things, he gives Maddie a speech about how they need to take care of their own family right now and can’t be trying to fix things for everybody else. So I assume he won’t be running for wharf neighborhood captain next episode.

And I still like that everyone on FTWD is trying to wrap their head around what’s happening and that we all kind of know, and that knowledge makes it more poignant to see them all realizing it.

What did you think? Was it at least better than the non-climax of the season finale of TWD? Leave comments below!