I don’t usually write posts about trailers for movies that are going straight to DVD and VOD, but I think Hoax is going to end up being the first of many.  Why?  Well, because it is a Bigfoot horror movie that has Adrienne Barbeau in it.  That’s a one-two punch I am happy to take to the face.  And, from the looks of the trailer, Bigfoot is finally going to stop being a gentle giant and start whipping some cryptozoologist ass!

Seriously you have to figure that by this point, Bigfoot knows that hunters have guns but scientists and amateur squatchers don’t have anything but camp knives and gadgets.  So if you were 9 feet tall and tired of being harassed by humans, who would you take it out on?  That’s right, wimpy scientists.  There is literally nothing I don’t like about this.  Check out the trailer and if you don’t believe it is the best Bigfoot movie coming out this summer then you fight me in the comments!