Finally, We Get to Start Shooting Neighbors


nick and maddie
Sorry my post is so late this week. I had some crazy 1% stuff going on. I’m sure Acadia can’t wait to make fun of me for it sometime very soon. Let’s get on with it though, so you can get psyched up for Sunday’s episode.

You know what was great about this past week’s episode? Finally, someone got to see their people-eating zombie neighbor get his head blown off by a shotgun. Yassssss.

You know what wasn’t so great about this week’s episode? That people who actually understand what’s going on now decided to leave their sliding glass door open for that same zombie neighbor to wander into their house and eat his dog in their living room. I’m cool with zombies eating almost any person they want, but when they eat a dog I can’t really handle it. Hey Nick, remember how you let the dog in to help it? You helped it be dinner dummy.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about the fact that Travis seems to be shaping up to be the “maybe we shouldn’t shoot them because we can cure them” guy and Maddie is the “I’ll just go ahead and stab my neighbor in the head with a screwdriver” woman. I mean I’m on board with her being the show bad#$% but I’d like Travis to step up a little. I don’t like that Daniel Salazar (the barber who sheltered Travis, Chris, and Liza) is calling him weak already. Though Daniel’s own “we should just wait things out here” approach is not the greatest.

And can someone please just spell out for Alicia what the hell is going on? Just tell this poor child already. Look at her.

alicia unimpressed

“Mom, seriously. What is happening?”

I felt a little extra bad for her when their zombie neighbor was clawing at them through the fence and she kept saying “That’s not Matt, that’s not what he’s like, he’s not like that.” Oh sweetheart, he already ate his parents. Sorry.

As I’ve seen other people complain about online, this crew, after opting not to kill their zombie neighbor in case she might take an aspirin or some antibiotics and get better, decides it’s a great idea to take two separate cars – you know, so they are as likely as possible to get separated, and head out with their windows rolled down for maximum likelihood of getting eaten by zombies. Thank goodness the army shows up at that very moment to ruin their plans.

maddie pulled away by army

Oh, snap, shiz just got real. Some things I like about the army showing up though – it shows how quickly things collapse into “send in the troops”. I mean I think it’s been what, like 2-3 days on the show? Like poor Tobias said, “When civilization ends, it ends fast.”

It makes me anxious to think of everyone quarantined in their homes by the army while things fall apart but they can’t leave to get somewhere safer. But I hope it makes for interesting watching, since this is all the sort of thing I assumed happened in the original series, but which we didn’t get to see, since Rick woke up in the hospital post-apocalypse.

I am kind of dying to see what they spray painted on the houses. I know it’s obviously about whether the people inside are alive or dead/undead but I assume they purposely didn’t let us read it last week. I can imagine our main characters peering out their windows reading what’s on the other houses and discussing what to do next.

How long until poor Mama Salazar dies from sepsis or whatever and turns? That will be fun times.

I am psyched for this week’s episode! Tell me what you think in the comments below! And don’t forget to come back to the Fear the Walking Dead posts here anytime.

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  1. Bigscrod wants cake
    September 19, 2015 at 8:32 am

    Were there any of us that were not screaming at the TV “CLOSE THE PHAQING DOOR!!!!”
    Having the military around is kinda cool, takes the stories in a very different direction that the group in Atlanta.
    How does Mrs Walker’s husband come home seemingly clueless as to what is going on, when the military is suddenly on the ground. I have to think he must have come through some barricades or roadblocks first. (note to self; it is a stupid TV show, don’t overthink it.).
    I stick by my prediction that Nick is a liability that will continue to live even though his actions will get many people around him killed and/or eaten.
    And given a choice, I would rather ride in the car than in the back of the open pickup. But doesn’t anyone own a minivan or SUV in modern Los Angeles?

    • Cider
      September 19, 2015 at 11:04 am

      The pickup truck actually bothers me a lot, yeah. For many reasons. The guy is a high school teacher, there is no practical reason to own a pickup truck as a high school English teacher in LA.

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