This psychological and action-packed movie takes place in the wilderness of Alaska, which is both beautiful and frightening, much like the The Grey itself. After their plane crashes, seven men, miraculously still alive and stranded in the middle of wolf territory, try to stay alive. But this isn’t just another “survival movie” like 127 Hours. It’s far greater than that and filled with heart-palpitating raw action, in addition to suspense. You won’t be bored, trust me.


The Grey was surprisingly moving. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was completely astonished by the movie’s effect on me and the rest of the audience. I had a very difficult time not crying, and the blizzard of ice and Alaskan snow on the screen in front of me seemed to chill me to the bone. The versimilitude was overwhelmingly well-done, and I found it nearly impossible to detatch myself from the movie and its characters.


The story surrounding the main character (Liam Neeson) is heart-wrenching enough on its own, especially since Liam’s character lost his wife, a loss he suffered in real life.  I found myself (and the big burly black man behind me) crying after just 15 minutes. The film score is also extremely effective, and I am actually considering buying it just because it’s so awesome.


If you don’t like depressing movies, then don’t watch The Grey. But, if you’re willing to subject yourself to sadness in exchange for an appreciation of life and a more thoughtful outlook when you walk out of the theater, then go for it.

I loved this movie, and I give it a 9 out of 10.