Not sure what Epiphany is?  Well I’ll tell ya.  It’s the 6th of January, which was (according to the Bible and the Pope or whatever) the day the wise men actually made it to see baby Jesus in the manger.  That’s right.  They figured out that they needed to follow a star to find a baby and give him presents, but they took their own sweet time getting there.

In other words, it is a real holiday honoring everyone who is well-intentioned but slow, lazy, disorganized and/or late.  It is honestly the best holiday of the year.  And to properly honor it, I am going to give you a gift guide full of things that you couldn’t get in time for Christmas even if you wanted to.  Not to mention the fact that I am putting it up two days before Christmas.  But I assure you, that was because Epiphany.  Has nothing to do with me not thinking about doing a gift guide until this morning.

And as an extra bonus, I am going to give you as much stuff as I can from people that I know.  These are my pals so the least you can do is go check their stuff out.  Sheesh.  Don’t start a war on Epiphany like you did on Christmas.  🙁

Happy Epiphany!

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