Since the New Year is here but lots of the country is still having weirdly warm weather, I decided to milk one of the best trends of the past few years (click bait titles) to let you know what I am looking forward to in 2016 and a few things that I think will croak.

  1. Wrestling will be back! We can’t really come up with new things so we rely on a new batch of people to get excited by things we already have. The WWE has better ratings this year already and I am willing to be that The Rock being so damn cool on TV all the time will get people interested again. Somehow. It has been what, fifteen years since it was good? That’s about how long it takes for things to improve so I am calling it now.
  2. American Ninja Warrior threw everything off this year since that dude who looked like Jesus actually won. I am predicting that the ratings for the show will tank unless they seriously up the ante on how difficult the course is. How? Plenty of ways. Grease. Guns that shoot soccer balls at them. Chase them with dogs. Use your imagination, folks!
  3. Celebrity Dungeons and Dragons. I have nothing to back this up, but technically the odds of D&D taking off and celebs other than Vin Diesel getting involved are 50/50. This site came up when I looked up pop culture odds and based on the complete lack of D&D, I am way ahead of the curve and stand to make a killing!
  4. Saturday Night Live – It will be good this year. It’s a presidential year, they always rise to the occasion when the White House is on the line. I just hope Rubio doesn’t get the nomination because he seems to be the most boring one. Go Trump! (for comedic reasons only).
  5. DC Extended Universe – So this year we get Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and a ton of people talking about the DCEU. And just by virtue of the fact that it is called the extended universe just gives Marvel people more to make fun of. And that’s what this will really be the year of: people complaining. No matter what, people will complain. But I think that even with all the Marvel stuff coming out this year (and there are like, a million comic book movies this year) DC is going to establish itself in a powerful way.

Oh, and as an extra bonus, here are a few other things I think will be in (or out) this year:

  • Cooking competitions – out
  • Carpentry competitions – in
  • Kendall Jenner – in
  • All the other Jenners and Kardashians – in, who am I kidding. They can’t be stopped!
  • Scotch – in
  • A revolt against the bourgeoisie– in
  • Falling in love with Rio because of the Olympics – in
  • Watching the Olympics – out