Time to broaden your horizons.  Check this stuff out – all 100% vouched for by me!

Study up on the Internet with Know Your Meme.  The good folks at Rocketboom have been doing segments on ‘know your meme’ for a long time and finally put a site up about it.  Ever wonder where (insert stupid Internet thing here) started?  Well, there is a 95% chance it was 4Chan.  But some are from other places.  A lot of these have videos that go with them, and I think they want you to be a part of the community.  So sign up!  Maybe you will meet the Star Wars Kid!

Keep Your Computer Spiffy with Glary Utilities.  This app has done wonders for my computer.  It will free up hard drive space, optimize your registry and a bunch of other handy things that you might otherwise miss.  Remember to do a restore point whenever you mess with your registry, but this tool does work and it makes things faster.

Unfuck Your iTunes with TuneUp Media.  A while back I posted that my iTunes was a mess.  Some folks jumped in to help and now it is a lot better.  TuneUp Media attaches itself to your iTunes and finds all the info and album covers for your songs.  It crews up sometimes, but it gives you options and generally works really well.  You get 500 free cleanups and then you have to pay.  I gave them the $20.00 for a lifetime membership and boy howdy does my iTunes look snazzy!  So fix yours you pig.

Combining Your IM Accounts with Digsby.  If you have more than one Instant Message account, then Digsby will let you group everything into one interface.  It’s handy, I can’t deny it.  It does have some drawbacks.  I can’t send files through it (unless there is a way I haven’t figured out yet).  But I didn’t get rid of my original installs, so I can get around it.  Oh, and it is also handy cause there is a ‘no pop up’ feature.  Nothing sucks more than a pop up.  For example:

ME:  Hey, have you seen Todd?
Lou: Nope
ME:  Fuck
Lou:  Why?
ME:  I am supposed to invite him to something.
Lou:  But you hate him…
ME:  I know, but I am pretending to like him so I can get at his awesome porn.
Lou:  Ahhh – well I haven’t seen him.
Todd: (popping up): Hey – I heard you were looking for me!
ME:  Thanks, I really hate that shitter Todd.
Todd: What?
ME:  Wrong Window – I mean a different Todd…

Yeah, no pop up is a mighty nice feature.

 Pretend You Know Photoshop by Copying PSHERO.  This guy does good tutorials.  I know this for a fact because I can follow them.  So check it out.  But make sure you give him credit!  Leeches.

OK – So that’s it for this set of hints.