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You get your radio control helicopter out of the box. It’s ready to run. You charge it up, take it outside, and want to see how far you can take it.

The flight distances for RC helicopters vary a great deal. With the mini models (such as the Syma S107G Mini Gyro) your heli can only go up to about 40 feet from you. Of course, for flying indoors, this isn’t an issue. Electric RC helicopters have a significantly increased range from how far they used to be able to go, because transmitters have improved.

Mid-sized to large-sized R C helicopter built for outdoor flight can go up to 250 or 300 yards off. The problem with taking them that far, however, is that, while the controllers will still work fine to control the helis, you won’t be able to see the bird well enough to keep control. It is hard to tell, when an RC toy is that far away, which way it’s facing, if it’s leaning or tilting, and have the response time to handle it with the controller.

Gas RC helicopters can often fly farther than their electric counterparts, largely because they can fly for longer. The charge on most electric-powered RC helicopters ranges between 5 and 20 minutes. For the larger models of gas RC helis, your flights can last much longer, so the range matters more.

Finally, the last thing to consider about the distance you can fly your RC copter is the type of controller you use. The higher the gHz measure, the stronger the signal your controller sends the helicopter in flight. Also, if you are flying in an area with lots of disturbance, it can help to have a stronger signal for clear communication with your RC helicopter.