So do you guys know Fragile Heart?  Noo, not Fred Sanford, I mean the girl.  She has her own website her own face and her own camera.  Well, I can’t be sure of the last one cause some of these pictures are sort of from far away.  But what the hell.  It’s not every day that our special friends send up pictures.  It used to be like that all the time but it is much more rare now.

If you wanna do it, then send us pictures and tell us what you want to shill in return for said pictures.  Ideally you would hold up a sign or something that says our site name or something.  Fragile didn’t so that, though her belt buckle is a ‘G’.  I assume is stands for Gallery.  Or it may stand for George’s Belt Emporium.  What am I, Project Runway?

Anyway, I am posting her pics here cause she only sent three.  If she had sent 5 I would have done the fancy gallery, but she apparently can’t count to five.  But what the hell.  She’s hot.  So here we go.  Also – these pics came from: who is apparently the one with the camera.  Let’s send Vange to Canada.


Someone clean up that wall!