Okay, enough with the old-timey sympathy movies in my scientific list of the 31 Scariest Movies of all Time.  Frankenstein is not scary.

It does, however, remind me to be vigilant against the “correctors”.  You know, the people who say: “you know, the monster didn’t have a name.  The doctor’s name was Frankenstein.”  Yah, dood.  No shit.  But if you say “Frankenstein’s Monster” you just sound pretentious and you should just get punched in the neck bolt.

As for the movie, it’s not scary.  It may have been a technical achievement in its day, but it’s not scary.  It makes me wonder what the hell life must have been like back when it was.  Did people just start shrieking when they saw a newspaper folded to look vaguely like a witches hat?  Did grown men start crying when they heard a chicken fall over at night?  Can chickens even fall over?  Seriously, can a chicken fall?  Trailer after the jump for Frankenstein.  No videos of chickens falling over, though.  That shit would be too scary.