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Friday 90s – Internet

Friday 90s – Internet

There is a lot going on this week so I can’t be doing a big giant column.  The Internet is difficult, you know.  And if anyone tells you otherwise you look at how Yahoo used to look.  Maybe if I had been sober enough to try to do Internet back then I would be a big fat millionaire now and…still be doing this because it’s fun, but I wouldn’t have to have a real job.

Anyway we are changing some things so just talk amongst yourselves while I show you these terrible pictures and awful video.  Oh, and the pics have nothing to do with the Internet.  If you want to look at a picture on the Internet in the 90s it took a VERY LONG TIME so we just used books and magazines and things.

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  1. Coley

    Can we please talk more about the internet in the 90s? People don’t talk about it enough. Let talk about Prodigy.


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