Did you ever think:  Damn I wish someone would make a football movie with Scott Bakula, Jason Bateman, Kathy Ireland and Sinbad?  Well forget it.  It’s been done, man.  In 1991, a ridiculously awesome movie called Necessary Roughness featured all of the above.  AND, as you can see from the banner pic, it also featured a ton of late 80s early 90s football stars (plus some old dudes and Evander Holyfield) as a team of prisoners.

I know nobody is going to read the rest of this post since they will be sprinting to Netflix to watch it:

Scrappy Squad.  See that?  Scrappy!  And in 1991 Kathy Ireland was the hottest woman on the planet.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a picture of her in a bathing suit playing softball for no reason.

kathy ireland

You know who else would look that good with a pitch coming into the plate?  MAYBE Bo Jackson but that is probably it.  And like Bo, Kathy was a two sport athlete.  Check her out in the movie.

This scene has everything in it: all the characters, fat Sinbad, Kathy Ireland’s gigantic hot eyebrows and some Crocodile Dundee rip off calling her a “Shelia” and gravelly voiced Robert Loggia.  Are you familiar with the spelling of Robert Loggia’s name?

I honestly want to post every clip of the movie I can find, but I think you need to just watch it.  SINBAD!  Where is Sinbad now?  And why aren’t jean jackets like this cool anymore?

Welp, I know what I’m doing tonight.  Watching this bad ass movie and trying to make my faded jean jacket fit me.  I need to be alone for this.  Don’t look at me.