Me and the crew used to do her….
And be “her” I mean Shaun Thomas. And by “do her” I mean I really thought a girl would be doing the picture…

How the Hell could I have been doing this for so long and never done this song?  The 90s are truly a gift from Heaven.  You can probably take a bunch of other decades and just erase them from time and it wouldn’t matter.  Like the 2000’s for instance.  What would we lose?  9/11?  American IdolLost?  A bunch of your stupid kids?  Big whoop?  Dial it back I say!

Can we do that?  I can seriously do without a bunch of things from the 2000’s.  So if there are things you want to keep then post them in the comments.  As a Sultan of Time I may grant you the request.   IF YOU PLEASE ME!  If you don’t then you can sit there wondering why you had to watch so many Kardashians.  And Paris Hilton.  And The Bachelor.  And the financial crisis.  See?  Starting to make more sense now, isn’t it?

If I go through with this I will only lose one of the three Batman movies which I am fine with.  Sure I might also lose my current career, and this site, but think about how much better the site would be if I had figured out how to be this mildly popular sooner.  With Perez Hilton out of the way I could be drawing dongs on pics of people with MS Paint and making millions.  So if the time thing doesn’t work someone help me figure out how to get rid of Perez Hilton.