How crappy must Ezra be?  The band is better than him and their song name is “Good”.  So they only had to be good and they were still Better than Ezra.  Poor Ezra.  I moved to NY this week so if you live in the city and want to visit just ask everyone you meet if they are me (don’t ask ladies;  I am a dude).  I will even narrow it down.  I live in Hartsdale and I work downtown by Union Square.

If you can’t find me with those instructions then you really aren’t even trying.  If you do find me I will buy you a beer.  And if you don’t drink beer I will get you wine cooler or whatever the hell you drink.  Weirdo.  Have a good weekend.  I need to spend a lot of time exploring beautiful down town Hartsdale.

*walks to gas station across from the train station and back*

OK that was fun.  I guess now I’ll take a nap or something.