OK so I have a LOT of thoughts about Billy Joel (both negative and positive) and am working on a REALLY big article about him so I can’t waste a bunch of time on this one.  But I mentioned him last week so he was on my mind and I will use any excuse to post that picture.  AND I think that as of this post people will be able to use their Google Plus profile to post comments which will be pretty sweet if it actually works.

As for the song, Mr. Joel was pretty much washed up from a pop standpoint by the time the 90s got into full swing.  I did a little checking and it seems like he spent most of the decade suing people.  And he got divorced from Christie Brinkley so all in all it didn’t work out that great for him.  Unless he won the lawsuits.  I didn’t read far enough down the Wikipedia page to find out.  So, here is the tl;dr for this post:

  1. I am writing a separate post about Billy Joel
  2. I think you can use your Google Profile to comment now
  3. The 90s sort of sucked for Billy Joel
  4. The pic in the banner makes me lol every time I see it.
  5. I am so lazy that I can’t bother to read the second half of paragraphs on Wikipedia.