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Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart


Happy Birthday, America.  And thanks for reminding us that the odds of someone with a mullet and a terrible song that someone else wrote could get to #4 on the charts and start a whole five years of old white ladies line dancing at weddings and then fathering a kid who was a cute as a button kid then turned 18 cut off her hair, hung her tongue out and played with her butt or something and got a million times more famous happening in some other country like Switzerland or the Phillipines are VERY FRIGGING SLIM!

Seriously, that could be his Wikipedia entry.  Look it up.


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  1. Brian Haslip (blackroseMD1)

    I had a mullet when that song came out.

    Don’t judge me. I was 12 and lived in a tiny ass town in Arkansas. I didn’t know any better.

  2. Eva Halloween

    I was prepared to announce that you’d finally picked a video I’d seen before, but I’m not really sure that’s something I want to brag about in this case.


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