Because nobody has any original ideas, they are making a new Terminator movie.  James Cameron even took time out from diving into his giant Scrooge McDuck money vault to call it the real Terminator 3. So again we are doing a call back to something awesome from the nineties getting rehashed 20 years later.  Now, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of the best movies of the decade for a lot of reasons:  The T-1000, “Skynet becomes self-awayuh”, that one little bit of time Edward Furlong was cool,  But the thing that has lasted the longest is women using Sarah Conner as an example of what they want to look like.

She was all sinewey and strong and was doing chin ups at the beginning and women have been thinking about those arms ever since.  There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t know what you are talking about if you walked into a gym and said: I don’t care if I am a fat porko as long as I have Sarah Conner arms.



I don’t think there is any other person in any other movie who has become an aspirational body type.  I mean, Ryan Reynolds looks like Ryan Reynolds but that is just genetics (sheesh he is dreamy).  Linda Hamilton was all squishy in the first Terminator (not to mention the terrible hair and clothes) and she got shredded for the second one.  That’s why everyone dug her so much (and still does today).  Hard work can pay off and give you a sweet bod.  Probably doesn’t hurt that getting in shape like that was her job and she probably had trainers and stuff but still!  Look where she started.


Damn.  Look at that hair.  How do you go from that to what she became in the second one?  Oh, and you can get those awesome sunglasses if you have $1,500.00 laying around.  Totally worth it.


Linda, your portrayal of crazy Sarah Conner is something that will be a part of our culture forever.  And we thank you for it.  Also, I found this video of your arm scenes on YouTube.  Guy who made the video’s name is Vic Morrowind and the things he chose to slow down are terrifying.