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Chris Isaak – Somebody's Cryin'


I really like this song.  And I looked up some info on it and apparently the circumstances under which it was written are pretty interesting.

Isaak wrote the song shortly after a breakup with his girlfriend. Isaak had attended a friend’s party, but soon realized that he did not want to be there. He went inside a walk-in closet, closed the door, grabbed a guitar that was leaning against the back wall, and wrote “Somebody’s Crying.”

You know when they talk about the 99% and the 1%?  This is what they mean.  I went to a friend’s party once and was sad.  I didn’t want to be there.  But did I have a walk-in closet with a guitar in it?  No.  I went in the back hall and sat on a bucket of rock salt.  Ruined my pants.  Somebody was crying that night, all right.  Me and my ruined pants.

Oh and for some reason there are celebs in the video.  Jennifer Rubin (hot), Jenna Elfman (hot) and Chris Penn (dead).  Not sure why.  Maybe they owed him money.  Whatever the reason, the song is sad even though it sounds upbeat and those are sort of my fave.  So there you go!


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  1. Nico Toscani

    Forever Blue is a great album all around.

  2. Stacy

    A bucket of rock salt??? Was your friend Baskin Robbins??

    • Acadia

      No. I wish. Everyone’s back hall had rock salt.

  3. Rog

    Hello site editor. Would you like to talk with me privately? In a completely non-creepy way, of course. Just the two of us. Shirtless.

  4. alex

    Chris Isaak is underrated.


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