In the Nineties most people didn’t have very much to do on email, mainly because we still talked to each other on the phone and it took longer to get online to read email than it did to actually go to the person’s house.  Of course it is a very different world now and look how far we’ve advanced since we all embraced the ability to have a heart attack first thing in the morning when we see some random note from our boss sent at 3:43 AM that just says: “What happened with the thing?????!!!??!?!?”

And I have to assume that if you are a big important politician like Hillary Clinton, you send out a ton of emails to terrorize your staff.  And you can probably terrorize some ambassadors from little countries whenever you want.  “I saw you take that knick-knack at the party, TONGA!”  I would soooo call ambassadors by the name of their country instead of their names, even if I got fired in one minute.  Totally worth it.  But for the most part I am pretty sure their emails are boring.  FFS diplomats still send cables.  CABLES!  I don’t even know where a cable would start and end if there isn’t a gondola hanging off of it.  So why all the hubbub about Hillary Clinton not using her work email to do work stuff?  Well, because everyone knows the Clinton’s are super sneaky and you don’t hear anyone else yapping about how the Secretary of Agriculture is using Snapchat to talk to farmer’s.

Nope.  It is just Clinton who decided that she was going to be smarter than everyone else and make her own email server in her house.  Now, I am not sure how this could be just coming out now.  Did NOBODY notice that her addy was different?  I mean, I know the autofill in Outlook is fierce but at SOME point someone would have noticed something like this:

Seriously.  What did she use the other account for?  You know what?  It doesn’t matter.  I am going to make a big fat bet right now that she is done.  Here’s why:

No matter what she does now, people are going to think that she has secret emails that she never gave to the government even though we paid for them.  There is no way she can EVER make someone believe she isn’t full of crap.  Now, what could be in the emails?  Well, obviously not the secret plans for having a smooth ride to the Presidency in 2016.  But it doesn’t really matter.  The fact that she was just like: meh, whatevs, I don’t need to do what everyone else does.  I will just make my own server in my house because reasons.

Sorry.  Makes zero sense.  AND, even if she did have some half-assed reason (omg Harry Clinton took my name and no way am I going to be hclinton1) she still could have just forwarded everything to her govt. account.  Unless she is sending emails to Putin and a bunch of Wall Street fat cats.  No, she could send the secret service to her house and have them pull the server right out of the rack and bring it back to DC and nobody would ever believe her now.

So the moral of this story is, the Nineties brought us both Clintons and email.  And many many years later, email screwed over a Clinton.  Or maybe I am wrong and she will be fine.  Who knows.  I sort of hope she does bow out so Biden can run.  He doesn’t even email most of the time.  He just posts on his Angelfire site and sits there hitting refresh until his counter goes up.

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Oh, and since people have bitched that  I didn’t put a video in the last couple of posts, here are The Presidents of the United States with: Lump.  Seems appropriate.