I know Coolio is still around (he was on a cooking show recently and it made me cry) but no matter how dorky he is now there isn’t anything better than the dorkiness of  Fantastic Voyage Coolio followed shortly by 1-2-3-4 Coolio.  Just watch this video.  The whole thing is about Coolio trying to get to a crappy looking party.  There are 200 people in one tiny room and it really doesn’t look fun at all.  But Coolio’s girl is there and apparently he didn’t get paid from his first song yet because he has to take a bunch of dumb ways to get to the party.

But no matter how dumb/awesome he was then and how dumb/not awesome he is now there is one thing that can never be denied about this song.

Ain’t no party like a west coast party cuz a west coast party don’t stop

That line is immortal.  Except they didn’t understand how great the line is when they made the video because at the end Coolio finally gets there and the party had indeed stopped.  Fools.

So then