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Friday Nineties – Cops: Too Hot for TV

Friday Nineties – Cops:  Too Hot for TV


In Portland, Maine, the bars close at 1:00 AM.  So after things shut down, nine times out of ten my roommate and I would take a cab to the 7/11 that was also a Taco Bell for some reason.  Then we would go home to our apartment, sit on our couches (we each had a couch on our side of the living room) and watch Cops: Too Hot for TV.  The banner pic is from the video.  And it is the perfect representation of it.  A crappy video of a VHS tape on a TV.

All we had was VHS.  And it didn’t matter because honestly we had nothing to compare to.  I mean, CD’s were good, but tapes were pretty much just as good as long as you had a tape deck that knew when songs ended.  But all you needed to make the Cops tape awesome was to be drunk and have a lot of tacos.  We had a lot of people come to our apartment after Taco Bell and every single one of them watched the tape.  Can’t remember anyone who didn’t.  If there was it was prolly some dumb girl.

Years later I was in a meeting at work and something happened and I said PERIOD!  And this other guy I know said:  Period, Mother f***er!  And he was my best friend from then on.  This video will make that make sense.  Following will be other awesome parts of the tape.

Oh, and did you notice that the cops in the show never killed anyone?  Screw putting cameras on the cops.  Send the camera people WITH the cops.  It will create a bazillion jobs and we will get more awesome stuff like this.  Damn I am good at solving things!  Oh, and DO NOT miss the vampire near the bottom.  She’s gonna bitechoo.


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  1. Roger Sherman

    I distinctly remember an episode of cops where they made the cameraman wait outside, beat the shit out of some skinny little black dude, in his own house, then brought him outside, all fucked up, and said he fell.


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