I don’t know why someone would take some R&B divas, make them put on prom dresses and sing in a swamp.  Or bayou.  Whatever.  I hate the swamp.  And I hate when they try to make it glamorous on TV, like in True Blood.  They all run around that place as if it were 65 degrees all the time.  And there are never any bugs.  That place would be so chock full of bugs that people probably wouldn’t be able to live there.  Vampires would not need to bite people, they would just be able to pick bugs out of the air and they would all be chock full of delicious blood.

What does “chock” full mean?  Like, wheel chocks?  What does that have to do with full?  Any linguists around here?  Someone?  Or how about someone who lives in the bayou?  How buggy is it?  Would you ever dress up in a prom dress and sing?  Do you look like the people on Hillbilly Hand Fishin’?  Do you say “Hawg”?

My goodness I am so full of questions.  And they all have to do with things that have little if anything to do with the song.  I am really bad at this.  “Lately” by Divnie is one of those songs that you know when you hear it but would otherwise have had no recollection it ever existed.  Or maybe the group has a million R&B hits and I am a big fat racist?  We’ll find out, and see the video and lyrics, after the jump.

Divine – Lately