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Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever


I’m not in Gallery Headquarters.  I am in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel (pictured above, derh).

The Boston Park Plaza is a former Statler Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts opened on March 10, 1927, built by hotelier E.M. Statler. A prototype of the grand American hotel, it was called a “city within a city”. It was the first hotel in the world to offer in-room radio in every room.

I haven’t been in every room so I can’t vouch for the radio thing, but mine has one.  And since I am here instead of where all my stuff is I don’t have my list of songs.  So I had to think of what to do this week and chose this.  And since I was chatting Eva Halloween at the time, I will show you how things work within our giant conglomerate.

Acadia Einstein: HA  Look at this.



Eva Halloween:  what happened to her?

Acadia Einstein:  i dont know, but you just wrote my post

I wasn’t kidding.

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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Cider

    Oh Em Gee you are in my city. I had tea there (at your hotel) one time when I was pretending to be a fancy society lady participating in cultural events. (I ate like 8 petit fors or however you spell it and then didn’t attend the event I was there to plan for.)

    WE ARE LIKE 2 MILES FROM EACH OTHER. Not that I’m stalking you. Or anything like that. [Makes plans to hang out in Park Plaza area all weekend.]

    • StayFray

      Acadia didn’t even respond? Rude!

    • Acadia Einstein

      I should write a post about the scream i heard


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