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Friday Nineties – Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Friday Nineties – Eagle-Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Here are three things that I learned about Eagle-Eye Cherry while researching this article about his one song: Save Tonight.

  1. He is Swedish.
  2. He is Neneh Cherry’s half-brother.
  3. His name sounds like it is someone saying “E.C.” on a walkie talkie*

*Okay, so maybe I had thought of that before.  And whenever I think about people using Foxtrot instead of F, I think about my friend Erik.  When we were in high school, his mother was on the phone with the bank.  She made a big point of telling us to shut up because she was on the phone with the bank.  So when she is spelling her name, it happened to have an F in it.  And when she gets to it, Erik yells,  “F AS IN FARTING!”

She covers the phone and yells at us and then keeps spelling things and when she gets to a K, he yells, “K AS IN KNIFE!”  So she kicked us out of the house.  I know this is a Friday Nineties post, but it is Eagle Eye Cherry and I am not SPIN magazine.  FFS, what else am I supposed to say?  I guess I can point out that I had never seen the video before today.  He plays all the parts in it.

“K AS IN KNIFE!”  Come on!  It’s gold!  Oh, just watch the video.

EDIT:  I thought of one more joke!  If he had been a sailor he could have been Eagle-AYE Cherry.  Huh?  HUH?

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  1. Cider

    1. I love this song and have no shame about it
    2. How did you not already know he was Neneh Cherry’s brother? How many singers do you think have the last name “Cherry”?
    3. Your pirate joke is a real dad joke special

  2. SpocKirk

    Your article is wrong. He does not play the part of the dog in the video. That part is played by a dog.

  3. Bunny Wigglesworth

    Buffalo Stance is the song I have patterned my life after.

    • Acadia Einstein

      I am like an almanac that gets people to say: huh…


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