It will make sense. I promise. Go ahead and figure it out. I’ll wait.

The singer in this band looks like he isn’t all the way done forming.  Maybe I’m prejudiced against people with red hair but I prefer to think I am prejudiced against lead singers who look like Hank Venture with red hair.  Seriously, compare them.

I can’t watch the video because of the weird…not-quite-formed guy but I can listen to the song over and over.  I am not sure why but it brings back a vaguely pleasant memory.  Not like when I think about getting punched in the face at a party while “Leave a Tender Moment Alone” was playing.  It was an outside keg party.  WHY WAS THAT PLAYING?  They might as well have been spinning up Frank Sinatra or some crap.  Ugh, now that I think about it, that guy really kicked my ass.  I was hammered and standing next to the girl he was taking to the prom.  The girl I had been talking to was on my tee ball team, ffs.  And I was a sophomore and he was a senior who stayed back three times.  Hate that guy.  And that song.  Damn you, Billy Joel.  Your crooning was the soundtrack of my beating!