A lot of you might only know Faith Hill from the Monday Night Football song.  I have to say that for someone as pretty as she is she seems like she should have been more famous.  Maybe she was country famous.  Country famous (to me anyway) is that you are a country singer but you are famous enough for me to know one of your songs.  I know old country people like Waylon Jennings.  I even know some fun facts about him!

  1. He was the narrator of The Dukes of Hazzard
  2. I met him once when I worked concert security.  He was super nice.  He probably thought I was awesome since I opened the gate to let him into the show.
  3. He was Buddy Holly’s drummer and was too low on the totem pole to get to ride in the plane that killed Holly.
  4. He died anyway (albeit much later).

And I know some of his songs.  Therefore he is country famous.  Faith Hill sang “Breathe” which I know and therefore she is country famous.  And “Breathe” is a legitimately good song about a woman who loves a guy with asthma.  I think.  And I had to choose between this and “This Kiss” and after watching each video I decided that both this song and video were superior.  I have to work at this you know.

So let’s recap.  We now know what country famous means, that I know enough about Waylon Jennings to fake my way through a 6th grade report and that rolling around on a bed and standing in a desert with long hair is better than sitting on fake fruit with a weird hairdo.  Seriously, go find the “This Kiss” video.  TERRIBLE.  The things I do for you people.