I know I did an X-Files post not too long ago but there was no way I could pass up featuring the great Gillian Anderson again considering you kind of sort of might be able to see her nip somewhere in amongst all the doo dads on her dress in the pics below.  Plus Hannibal started again last night and that show rules.  Seriously.  She plays the same kind of character to a degree.  Actually, she always plays the smart, hot one.  She is type cast as a strong capable woman, the poor thing.  See what being in your 20s in the 90s did to women?  Made them all empowered and Lilith-Faired.  Sort of sucks for Gillian, though.  She will never get cast as: “girl seductively eating banana at faculty reception” just like nobody is going to say: “hmm, we need a woman ‘President of Earth’ for our movie?  OK, let’s see if Sofia Vergara is available!

Those are the breaks, folks.