A few things.

  • I love this song.  I do not apologize for that.
  • It has the worst 90’s clothes I have ever seen.  It was 1990 so it was sooo right on the edge of 80’s that there is a little bit of rub.  But damn that dude’s pants are pulled up HIGH!  And the other guy is wearing biker shorts on purpose.
  • The song was apparently in Pretty Woman.  I have never seen that movie and I hate Julia Roberts.  I think her mouth looks like a garage filled with refrigerators.
  • If you listen to the words, I will bet you know dat feel.  Not that I do…. *cries*
  • The video is especially good because it really seems like they just showed up at the “things you can put in a movie” store, threw a bunch of money on the counter and asked: “What can I buy for this?”
  • I always feel bad for drummers who sing.  I mean, there are plenty of famous ones, I know, but they can’t woo chicks on the quad like the guitar jerks do.  The most they can do is bring their drumsticks around and hit people’s furniture with them at parties or pretend that they stole them off a table at a Chinese restaurant for giants.  Sorry Dave Grohl!
  • Dudes cannot dance at ALL.

Ahh bullet lists.  Making posts look longer since the beginning of the Internet!