I’m in Boca.  So….here’s the song!

If I didn’t have so much else to do I would complain about people pretending they “needed” to be at Yankee Stadium for Jeter’s last night.  I HATE the Yankees but the only think I hate more are a bunch of posers who aren’t real fans pretending they understand what the Captain meant to people who bleed pinstripes.

And bonus for me, now that Jeter is gone I won’t feel badly if the whole stadium get his by a meteor.  So let’s root for that!

And I need someone I can text when I think of a song for Fridays.  Or email. Seriously I heard a song earlier today and it would have been perfect but I forgot it.  And yes, I COULD write it down but I’m not an animal.  A lonely, lonely animal….I’m seriously not.