I’m in San Diego this week and missing Halloween.  On the other hand, I am on Coronado island or peninsula or isthmus or whatever it is and the hotel (pictured above) is supposed to be haunted.  And since I could not get a hold of Eva Halloween to find a Halloween ’90s song (she gave me one last week but I don’t remember anything and writing stuff down is for nerds).  So I decided to check and see what song was #1 on Halloween in 1990 and lo and behold it’s Janet (Miss Jackson if you’re nasty) with Black Cat.

Can’t really see anything fitting together more than that so give a listen and Happy Halloween.  And whatever you do, Do NOT be careful and only worry about being safe if it comes up (which will probably mean it’s too late).  You are probably going to be wearing a mask so if you have the inclination to do some looting or whatnot go for it.

But do NOT go as a black teen wearing a hoodie.  You won’t even make it down your walkway before someone takes you out.  🙁